Pontiac electric wand sex toy

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Pontiac electric wand sex toy

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п»їRisks of doing a threesome with a woman |
Should I do it? Is it safe to do a threesome with another woman? What if I propose it to my partner and then I regret it? If you are thinking of doing a threesome, another woman is normal for these and other questions to take your head, quiet, in EllaToday we tell you everything you have to know about the risks of doing a threesome with a woman, so you can enjoy and not You have to worry about nothing.
The fantasy of making a trio is more recurrent than we think, in men and women too; So if your partner or you are thinking about doing a threesome (or are thinking about doing it with strangers), there are a number of risks that you should consider:
Not feel comfortable
The first thing you have to ask yourself is if you are going to feel comfortable, if you think the situation may bother you too much (no matter how curious you are to know what it is like to do a threesome with a woman) then think about it, especially if you are going to do it with your boy, because you run the risk of falling into an argument.
That one of the parties shows more interest in the other is a risk because then the third person will be somewhat off the hook and will not enjoy it so much. It is not enough to put some "rules" before doing the trio.
Infidelity Risk
If the trio is with another woman and with your partner, make it very clear with your boy, that it is not an infidelity, if not something with which you can enjoy both. It seems an obvious point, but it can lead to a couple crisis if it is not previously spoken.
Mistrust and resentment If it doesn't work out, the situation can create some resentment with the other two people and that you don't see each other again in the same way; A risk to take into account if the trio will do it with people you know well.
Taboos Different taboos can be a risk too, the fear of saying clearly what you like and what you don't, can end up spoiling the moment.
Sexually transmitted diseases It is a risk that is present when practicing sex and, if it is in a group and with strangers, even more.
Do not exceed expectations It may be that you do a threesome to end up disappointing you, discover that it was not so much and, the opposite might happen, that you like it so much that normal sex is no longer worth your while. If you don't try it you'll never know.
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